Adopt Rescue’s

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Rescues are 10$ a pair.  All have various personalities.  I have not been bitten but they all vary in who likes being held and who doesn’t.  With daily training and time, they will come too you.  These guys are happy here but would love a home with more attention.  I’ve better learned how many too breed and am happy to house and play with these gerbils, but they would have a much better time in a home.

<Please Read – Gerbils haven’t bitten people here, but once removed too a new home, Gerbils need 2-3 days to both get use too there new environment and set up there new home.  I do sell the habitats they are currently in.  If your interested, ask and I’ll let you know the price.

# Picture Picture Bio Description
R1     🐹Girls💜
Fox Jr.
Color: Argente Cream
DOB: 4/5/17
Time 2pm
Aeris Jr.
Color: Black
DOB: 2/18/17
Time: 2pm
💜Fox Jr. & Aeris Jr.💜

Fox Jr Parents: Fox & Red XIII

Aeris Jr Parents: Aeris & Cloud


R2   🐹Girls💜
DOB: 4/29/17
Color: Spotted Nutmeg
Color: Black
DOB: ?
💜Dagger & Jote💜

Parents for Jote: Praline & Winston

Dagger gave birth too 10 babies. I placed Dagger with Fran’s sister shortly after her babies found homes. Jote came from Gerbil’s on the Quay, another local AGS breeder. They are a great pair

R4    🐹Girls💜
DOB: 5/7/17
Time: 12 pm
Color: Argente & Argente Cream
💜Vanille & Fang💜

Parents: Fox & Red XIII

R6   🐹Girls💜
Color: Black
T/DOB 1pm-5/7
Color: Agouti & Light Nutmeg
💜Elena, Jenova, & Scarlet💜

Parents: Cloud & Aeris

R8   🐹Girls💜
Color: 1 Black, 1 Argente Cream.
💜Tifa & Aries💜

Tifa is mother of 10 babies and my little noise make.

Aries was rescued from Craigslist. I got Aeris from a teenage girl who said she only had her a couple months. She was bought at Petco and is believed to be under a year old. She is a sweetheart. I

R11     🐹Girls💜
DOB: 5/4/17
Color: 2 Red Eye White’s
💜Raijin & Edea💜

Parents: Riona & Squall

R12  🐹Girls💜
Time: 10pm
CP Nutmeg & Spotted CP Nutmeg
💜Selphie & Quistis💜

Parents: Riona & Squall


R15 🐹Boys💙
DOB 11/20/17
Time: 4am
Color: 1 Agouti, 1 CP Agouti
💙Reno & Rude💙

Parents: Cloud & Tifa (2)

This duo loves there treats.

R16      🐹Boys💙
Time: 12pm
Color: Argente & Argente Cream
💙Rufus & Hojo💙

Parents: Red XIII & Fox

R19 .